About the Study:

This study is being conducted to determine whether mild electrical stimulation can provide pain relief in people with post-amputation residual limb or phantom limb pain. You may be eligible to participate in this study if:

If you are eligible and you decide to participate, you will have one or more small temporary wires placed in your upper leg or legs and will be required to wear a stimulator on your leg for 8 weeks with weekly visits to the clinic. After 8 weeks, the study doctor will remove the temporary wire(s) from your leg.

Participation in this study will last about 13 months and will require about 14 visits to the study doctor. The study doctor will explain the risks and benefits of this study prior to participation. Participants will also be asked to record pain levels and medication usage each day.

What is Phantom Limb Pain?

Phantom pain is a genuine pain felt by patients in the area where the limb used to be. Although the limb is no longer part of the body, an amputee may feel sensations coming from this area. The sensations can be perceived as changes in size, position, heat, cold, or touch. In some patients, these abnormal sensations include pain. Since the pain is experienced in a part of the body that is no longer present, it is called phantom pain.

What is Residual Limb Pain?

Following an amputation, abnormal residual limb pain is located at the end of the residual limb where the limb was removed. Unlike phantom pain, it occurs in the body part that remains. It may be described as a “sharp,” “burning,” “electric-like,” “skin-sensitive” or other type of pain.